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Friday, January 11, 2008

Bests of 2007

First, a caveat. This is by no means a true 'bests of' list. That would require Mortstiff & Co. to have sampled a wider range of restaurants, both new and old, and then used some sort of scoring scheme to ascertain a true top 10 list. Whatever 'true' means anyway. Afterall, the restaurant experience is pretty subjective. Instead, what I share here is more a list of favorites for the year, extraordinarily satisfying restaurant visits that keep popping back into my consciousness, raising the desire to relive the experience.

Paris and Beyond (in no particular order)
(No comments for now - I'll have separate reviews in subsequent blog installments.)

1. Les Magnolias (Le Perreux-sur-Marne)
2. Taira (Paris 17th)
3. La Cave Gourmande - Mark Singer Restaurant (Paris 19th)
4. Le Bistrot Paul Bert (Paris 11th)
5. Le Villaret (Paris 11th)
6. La Dinee (Paris 15th)
7. Fogon (Paris 6th)
8. Les Enfants Terribles (Dijon)

Way Beyond

Buenos Aires: Cluny, El Mirasol, Crizia, Gran Bar Danzon, Farmacia (lunch), Filo (lunch)
Reykjavik: Vin & Skel, Vegamot (lunch)
Valencia, Spain: Casa Salvador (Estany), Calypso (Cullera)
Baltimore, USA: Mari Luna Mexican Grill, Bonefish Grill, Sushi Ya

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