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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ze Kitchen Galerie - Zis Must Be Zee Place

Finally got around again to Ze Kitchen Galerie after far too long, a snub attributed to nothing more than the fact that I never got around to it.  Sitting comfortably a hop, skip, and jump from the Seine, whose banks that temperate Friday evening in June were amply dotted by groups of 20-somethings picnicking on wine, beer, and edible accompaniments, it was like we had never left.  But a few minor dinks aroused my 'danger approaching' anxieties.  First, the host at the door smiled too much and welcomed us in English upon hearing my accent.  The dining area was only sporadically filled albeit at the early 7:30 pm seating that was quickly resolved a short time thereafter when the room filled).  And the all-male open kitchen was populated by six 20-something guys (only later joined by a diminutive Asian female).  Once the mise-en-bouche arrived, however, my trepidations were immediately rendered unfounded.  A refreshing, dark green anise-flavored green apple gazpacho and it was clear that chef William Ledeuil had not lost his courage, pushing on with some of the more imaginative fusion, spice-laden cooking in the capital.  Co. and I partook of the 82 € menu decouvert this time and thus let ZKG decide what we should eat.

I'll keep this short this time, given I've already fully reviewed ZKG at this site a couple times before.  The dinner was great, reminding me what interesting concoctions await the addition of wasabi.  The only downside, other than the higher prices than we remembered, was the little water scam, where we were charged an additional 2.50€ for the typical carafe d'eau which, we were later informed, was a special typical water because it came out of their agua nordique (sic) machine.  

The courses, in order, included two entrees, one pate, a fish plate, a meat plate, and two desserts:

Bar marinee, with ginger, lemon, and wasabi

Foie grad de canard marinee, jus de canard

Linguini al dente


Lapereau with snow peas, ginger, mango, and artichoke

White chocolate sorbet, strawberries, wasabi, pistachio (you know this one)
Coconut, creme, pineapple, grapefruit

Still looking forward to checking ZKG bis, on the same Left Bank rue.

4, rue des grads augustins
Paris 6
tel:01 44 32 00 32

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