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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Paris Restaurants and Beyond - Search, Baby, Search

Back in 2014, the people who manage Google's Blogger web publishing tool, of which PRAB is a part, decided to eliminate what I thought was a really nice user-friendly feature - the ability to link the reviewed restaurants listed in the column on the right to their respective reviews.  That is no longer possible.  It took me long enough, I know, but now all you have to do is use the new feature on the top and search for any restaurant in the list.  There are still a large number of reviewed restaurants that you just have to click on to go to the review, but anything I've published since about mid-2014 is a no-go . . . unless you search.  You know how to search, now you can do it here.

There's the search box, right under the blog name, where it can't be missed.

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