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Sunday, December 25, 2016

La Vague - Change of Pace, South American Style

You have to admit, much of Faubourg Saint-Martin doesn't make it into many Paris tourist guides.  Walking from the metro, Co. and I passed about 20 hair salons catering to African women - it was Friday evening, and every single one of those coiffeurs were filled to the gills.  Then you have Passage Brady, an alley jam-packed with Indian restaurants leading onto the trendy, cafe/restaurants galore Faubourg St. Denis.  Definitely a melting pot of a neighborhood.  Jammed into a small spot on the otherwise pedestrian Saint-Martin is the little cantina La Vague, a kind of Peruvian/Asiatic concoction. 

This was a pleasant change from our (that would be me and Co.) more typical high gastronomy neobistrots.  More of a fun place, but not exactly fun in the sense of, say, a pillow fight with a trio of nubile 18-year-old babes or, say, waiting four years to hear all those rust belt supporters of Trump say 'gee, uhm, we were really conned.  He really is insane.'  No, maybe fun isn't the correct descriptor.  

The menu options at La Vague are pretty limited, falling essentially into three categories:  les ceviches, les tatakis (dishes built around black angus rumsteak), and les butifarras(Peruvian sandwiches).  There are also some side dishes, including the one we took, causa poulpe (a mound of cream with  kalamatas and poulpe).
In order of the photos, we opted for the Peruvian ceviche (with sebaste fish and tiger milk) (15€), tataki sesame (14€), the butifarras vegetarian (11€), causa poulpe (7€) and two desserts, the carrot cake (7€) and tres leches (7€).

This is the ceiling mobile

Overall, a pretty decent change of pace.  This is probably a better option for lunch or a relatively inexpensive spot to hang out with a few of your pals.  I would have liked to have seen a few poultry dishes on the carte or perhaps a special of the day or two.  My guess is that your meal would get pretty repetitive after a couple visits.  Co. and I had a nice drink beforehand at the cool theater cafe a couple doors up from La Vague.  If you hit the cantina for lunch, you can always take in the beautiful (ahem) sites of the Faubourg Saint-Martin, then pass through the Passage Brady, get a few drinks on Faubourg St-Denis and then hit 52 Faubourg St-Denis for a tapas-oriented dinner.  Hey, whaddaya think I am, a tourist guide or something?

The price for two, including a bottle of Pinot Noir (23€) = 84 euros.  Fair enough.

38, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin   Paris 10
tel. 09 86 69 80 70
website:  http://la-vague-paris-75010.zenchef.com/

Lundi - Vendredi 12h00 - 15h00 / 19h30 - 23h00
Samedi 12h00 - 15h00

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שינוי ממעלה שניה said...

great post!
those tasty pictures made me hungry... I thought that your blog will help me to choose from the restautants around me
but it just made the decision harder... all the restaurants look so good!

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